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Silvia Shiva

As far as body parts go, feet don’t seem to get the attention they deserve, after all, they do so much for us:

  • They hold us up, literally.

  • They let us get our 10,000 steps every day.

  • They keep us going when we hit the dance floor from time to time or go full speed on a spin bike.

It’s only right that we show them some love, and yoga is one great way to do that.

Whether you just ran a marathon or your feet are achy from a long day of shopping, here’s 10 yoga poses and stretches to try.

Your feet (and toes) will thank you later. 

Forget the pedicures and colourful nail polish, the best thing you can do for your feet is to keep your toes happy and healthy.

I learned that the natural shape of a foot is like the foot I see here; wide at the ball of the foot, with toes spreading out, and with plenty of space between the toes even when the foot is relaxed. For us shoe-wearing folk, the conventional shoes have shaped our foot to become narrow.

The small toes are often curled due to years of lack of space, and we have issues like bunions or flat feet.

But just imagine:

If you never take care of your toes, how do you expect them to function when you are older? 

There is no amount of nail polish that will bring them back to life after decades of inactivity!

How can yoga help to keep your toes alive?
Issues in our feet also relate to pains and misalignment in our knees or hips. But even if you have to wear shoes for the most part of your day, there are many yoga poses that can help with keeping your toes happy and healthy!


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